Sunday, March 30, 2008


Apparently, there is a lot of speculation about whether a certain titleholder in Ohio has stepped down. I've received a phone call and six emails about this issue so I feel like somehow people feel like this issue affects me. The titleholder in question is Zephylia Khooblall, named Miss Open City 2008 last July. At that pageant, I was 3rd runner up. Sylvia, the director, is someone who is great about keeping in touch pre and post-pageant. A few years ago, Sylvia offered two titles and for some reason (I'm not sure why...) Miss Open City did step down prior to Miss Ohio and Katelyn Koval, now a Pennsylvania titleholder, took over and went to Miss Ohio with that title.
In any case, I don't know anything about this. I have NOT been contacted about this by Sylvia or anyone else. I am also the third runner up; they would have to go to the first runner up prior to coming to me. The 2nd runner up is the new Miss Maple City.

Whether or not Zephylia has stepped down, I think it's only fair to leave the publicity of such an event to Zephylia and the Miss Greater Cleveland/Miss Open City/Miss Ohio Board. In an email this afternoon someone asked whether it was true that I was the new Miss Open City.
It is amazing sometimes how quickly gossip travels sometimes, and how often it isn't even true. No, I am not the new Miss Open City...obviously as the third runner up if it came to that I would assume the title if it was needed. That said, I have not been asked, and I am not sure what the situation of the first runner up, Samantha Eggers, is, but it is her responsibility before mine.
Sylvia is a wonderful director and I wish her luck with whomever she ends up taking to Miss Ohio. If it fell all the way to the 3rd runner up and I was able to do it, we would deal with that situation when we came to it. However, I am moving to Virginia after graduation. I will be a full time graduate student at Virginia Tech next fall. Ohio is a great place to live (although I will always give my mom a hard time about moving us there from Chicago after I was born!) but I have every intention of living in Virginia, just as I have for the last four years.

Amidst the speculation I wanted to clear up that I have heard nothing from Sylvia or the Miss Ohio board regarding this issue. At this point, all the talk seems speculation and it's unfair to those involved to keep talking it up and making suggestions. If information is released about whether or not Zephylia has really resigned, I will post it here.

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