Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Consumer Alert: Do NOT buy Sheer Cover

Back in October, I saw an ad on TV for sheer cover, a makeup company supposedly similar to Bare Minerals, for half the price of the more well known product.

I went online and purchased the kit, and received it in several weeks. I used my credit card to purchase the $29.95 kit. Since I had already paid, I looked over the invoice and then cut it up.

A few weeks later, I started receiving numerous emails that "my Sheer Cover kit had shipped". It looked like they were sending me numerous kits (none of which I received, ordered, or wanted). I didn't even like the product, and I didn't want any more. I called the company and they assured me that it was an error in their email processing and not to worry.

After getting back from Ohio yesteday (that long story is another post totally) I found a debt collection notice in my mailbox for $127 from Sheer Cover. First of all, I already paid. Secondly, I never ordered or wanted more. Thirdly, I was NEVER notified that they even thought there was a problem with payment, which I already submitted. It was immediately turned over to a collection agency.

I did some research and found that there have been 146 complaints with the BBB in the last 36 months, 75 of which resolved in a full refund.

So, while this will be easy to fight, it will waste my time to fight this ridiculous company.

If you ask me, go spend the $60 in Sephora to get Bare Minerals. You'll save yourself money and time in the long run.


Abby Bollenbacher said...

What a pain! I'm sorry to hear about your trouble.. that's what is frustrating about much of what you order from TV- they automatically sign you up to keep receiving it.

I use a similar product called Minerology. The owner of my salon custom mixes it to match my skin and it's only in the $30 range! It's the best product I've ever used! But pageant ladies beware, I've heard that mineral makeups bounce too much light to be worn onstage or for the camera. :(


Anonymous said...

I also am in collections. I ordered sheer cover as a one time trial. I was very specific about not signiing up for automatic bill pay. I saw the charge on my card the next month. My bank gave me a credit. I returned the package back to Sheer cover and they have still sent my name to collections. I can't believe they are going to ruin my credit on a product I returned to them. I believe they are fraudsters and people should beware.