Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Exciting News

Last night I received an email stating that there is going to be one more pageant held here in Lynchburg leading to Miss Virginia 2008. Many of you know how I was feeling (upset, disappointed in myself) after Miss Lynchburg this year but this opportunity opens one more door for me. I practically jumped out of my seat reading the email.

Miss Lynchburg was my 10th pageant this year, and it was hard to come close so many times without quite making it there. This gives me another option, and if it isn't meant to be, I trust that. I think God has a plan for everyone and that the right time will come!

Once I found out this was happening, I emailed my "cheer squad" from Miss Lynchburg to thank them and let them know about this opportunity. Within the hour, the Dean of Students had emailed me back asking if they could come again to cheer me on. I have been so blessed attending R-MWC- the support system here is beyond what I could have anticipated.

The pageant is going to be here in Lynchburg the night before the Miss VA workshop (also being held in Lynchburg) so it's literally right down the road, in the same location where Miss Hill City was held.

I will update more later!

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