Monday, March 24, 2008

School updates

Some other updates from school:

We leave for Las Vegas in two weeks! It's going to be a crazy weekend trying to compete in Miss Commonwealth then leaving on Sunday for this school trip, but I'm sure I can do it!

We are trying to reschedule Lianna's comedy show for sometime this weekend. She wasn't able to make it here on time last week, and given the mood on campus after hearing about the loss of a fellow student, things may have worked out for the best.

The Guerrilla Girls will be here on Wednesday! More info in a later post, but this is something I am really excited about.

I am in a fantastic mood because I got a B on my economic senior paper rough draft. Since the department has a different grading scale, this is a B+ in any other department. This is excellent news, since I had months less than other students to complete my research. I handed in my paper with hesitation. I'm looking at foreclosure rates in the Midwest, so there is little research about this issue and its in the news everyday. I am thrilled because I think with some hard work and a solid presentation, I can pull off an A-! After four years in this grueling and sometimes frustrating major, it would be an incredible reward to achieve that with my senior work.

I'll be representing the Macon Activities Council this weekend and talking about what we do here on campus. Since many people don't know what that means or what my job entails, I think a future post about MAC and the Guerrilla Girls should be coming soon!

Finally, I want to thank all of the volunteers here and all of the young women competing for Miss Virginia who have reached out to me and encouraged me leading up to Miss Commonwealth. There is nothing like sharing a dream with so many other amazing women; they understand how important it is to me and their kind words mean so much. Whether I am in Roanoke this summer or not, I know that there are some beautiful, driven, and amazing women competing for Miss Virginia this June. I would be honored to be up there with them!

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