Monday, June 2, 2008

I'm updating!

It has been really busy lately, but I thought I'd check in and update.

All of my time is either spent working or preparing for Miss Virginia. I really wouldn't have it any other way. As we get closer to that week in Roanoke, I feel a mix of excitement and nerves. This is the first time I'm competing at a state pageant like this. I am, however, really excited about all of my competition wear. We are almost finished shopping, and I think this is a good thing! Both myself and my directors are a little worn down from the constant clothes-seeking.

Everything looks really sharp though and flatters my personal style. We lucked out working with some great people to help us find gowns, and we actually located all the gowns within two weekends! It seemed like whenever I was ready to give up looking for something in particular, it would jump out at me! That happened with the competition gown and my interview suit.

I've been really busy meeting with all the people who are helping me be at my "most prepared" for Miss Virginia. I think I'm really going to enjoy the week, and I'm really excited about my Miss Virginia roommate, Miss Virginia Beach Shannon Oliver, because she seems like SUCH a sweet girl and I think we will get along really well and enjoy the week together.

This whole experience has been such a blessing because I really feel like I have some really great people behind me. I have felt so grateful because every time I hit an obstacle someone has stepped forward and been really helpful or offered up something to make the situation a little better.

This last weekend was alumnae reunion on campus. It was really neat to meet some alums from the Class of 1958 as well as all years. They had some really neat events on campus and I really enjoyed hearing two comedians that graduated from here. I also got to spend the weekend at the beach enjoying myself. I wont get a day off again until the week after Miss Virginia, and I think that's just the right timing- I'm going to need a break!

I want to thank everyone for the supportive emails, letters, and phone calls over the last few weeks. It really makes this experience that much more special.

Keep an eye out soon for my new website!

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