Thursday, June 19, 2008

Talent Notes, Miss Ohio Night Two

Erica Gelhaus, Singing opera. Erica is a real pro with opera- it sounds like you are listening to a recording. Very strong talent!

Kristen Haas, dancing to “My Favorite Things”

Kristen has always been a beautiful and talented ballerina.

Christie Youssef, harp to “Baroque Flamenco”

I liked the dress that she wore. I don’t know anything about harp but it sounded great.

Victoria Miller, tap dance to “Dancing Fool”

I had high expectations, since this is the song I just stopped using. She did a great job. I fielded a phone call halfway through, so I might have missed some of it!

Heather Waterman, singing “Shy”. Very cute rendition

Amy Allen, singing “Summertime” Good job, Amy! I’m glad you finally got that well-earned spot on the Miss Ohio stage.

Becky Minger, singing “Gold” Another phone call interrupted me, so I didn’t catch this one.

Megan W., tapping to “Hittin’ Remix”. Go Megan! I loved the acapella break!

Shannon O'Neill, singing "Don't Rain on my Parade"

Kasey Wilson, singing an opera aria. Another strong opera singer.

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