Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miss Ohio Night One: Onstage Question

I'm only blogging about this one because I was curious to see if anyone stepped outside the box a little bit for interview suits. I didn't see anything too wild.

Onstage questions:

Erica Gelhaus wore a white standard interview suit.

Kristen Haas also wore a standard interview suit in a maroon color.

Chrstie Yousseff, also a standard interview suit in a shiny fuschia.

Victoria Miller also wore a standard interview suit in yellow.

Heather Waterman also wore a standard suit in a cream color.

Amy Allen wore a white suit with black buttons and a black/white band around the center. Good job, Amy!

Becky Minger wore a standard white/light yellow suit

Megan wore her Anne Klein suit! Go Girl, and I thought it looked good J

Shannon O’Neill wore a standard fuschia suit.

Kasey Wilson wore a muted fuschia color suit.

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