Saturday, June 7, 2008


There isn't too much to report on, because I'm spending all of my free time getting ready to arrive at Miss Virginia in just two short weeks! I'm enjoying getting ready for that and we have certainly entered 'crunch time'. I'm going to be so excited to arrive there because I have never worked this hard in such a short period of time. What myself and my directors have managed to pull off since April 4, 2008, is a major accomplishment. During the interviews at Miss Commonwealth, I spoke about my ability to take a major task and run with it. My determination is what pushes me to keep going to do my best, and I know that I will enjoy Miss Virginia week because of all the hard work I have put into it.

I intend to write a detailed post (at least one!) before heading off to Miss Virginia. I am so grateful for the support I have received from friends around the county (and the world!) as I head out on this crazy adventure. I'm so blessed to be working towards two of my major goals at the same time- going to graduate school and competing for Miss Virginia. I have such great determination and I know that however the cards fall in Roanoke in three weeks, I will go on to whatever is next with excitement and pride.

My faith in myself has really been renewed since winning Miss Commonwealth and graduating college. If you had asked me four years ago as a high school graduate whether I ever thought I could afford college, I would have told you "no". I was so blessed to receive over a dozen outside scholarships in addition to scholarships from RMWC that made my education possible. I know that I can relate to so many people who are questioning reaching for their dreams, because I questioned that, too. But here I stand a graduate of a wonderful private college, about to head for my masters. Yesterday I even received a phone call from an Assistant Dean at another university and she encouraged me to consider this school for my PHD, even though that is two years away!

I'm so proud of the amazing opportunities I have been given and I know that I am making the most of them!

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