Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Miss Ohio Night One: Talent

Miss Ohio Night One, Part Two


Krystle Formosa, Think of Me, Phantom of the Opera

I’ve known Krystle for some time and was thrilled to hear that she had won a local during Ohio Sweeps weekend. She has a beautiful voice and did great J

Sophia Davis, Move from Dreamgirls, Jazz Dance

Sophia is an outstanding dancer and so energetic. It’s so much fun to watch her.

Courtney Kania, Harp “Sabre Dance”

This marks a year when two harpists will take the Miss Ohio stage. Courtney joins Christie Yousseff, Miss Mansfield, who is also a talented harpist. The webcast froze near the end of her performance but it was beautiful.

Katie Wolford, “Gimme Gimme” from Thoroughly Modern Millie

This is one of my favorite songs. I wish I could sing because I’d like to perform a song just like this! Her voice was great for this song!

Heather Wells, jazz dance to “Baby, I’m a star”

What an energetic dance, Heather!

Katie Camp, tap dancing “Street Sounds”

This one I was excited for, because I heard she was a great tap dancer. And she didn’t let me down! The music was a little distracting because it sounded like a cowbell was in the background and it was a little loud over her tap sounds, but I could tell she’s really talented!

Jessica Barrett, singing “I’m a star”

She has a very Broadway voice, and if I remember correctly, she sang “Popular” last year and I loved it! This was such a good song for her.

Karissa Martin, singing “The Girl in 14G”

Wow, as Abby and I thought, this was a good song for her. It mixed broadway style with some opera! She will win talent, I think.

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