Friday, June 20, 2008

Miss Ohio Talent

Talent Notes

Kristy Moneysmith, singing “break it to me gently”

Wow, I loved bringing a song like this to the stage!

Brandi Herceg, dancing to “Man Wanted”

Alyssa Hanson, “There You’ll Be” Vocal

Andrea Andryscik, singing “I want more”

I personally think Andrea sounded great.

Jillian Dansko, tapping to “Classic Drum Battle”

I LOVED her costume. This is what I would love to dance in! I wish I was as skinny as Jillian so i could steal the costume!

She got SO into this song. And like I said, I loved the costume. It had the perfect amount of pizaazz on it to match the song.

Nanciann Strosnider, singing “Happy Days are Here Again”

Like I have said before- if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Nanciann won prelim talent in this gown and with this song last year. I think she has a very strong chance to win talent again tonight.

Jenna Wilson, singing "I am changing"

Emily Cousino, singing "If I can dream"

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